• Information Architecture, Project Management, and Documentation

  • Services Provided For Past Customers: UML Diagrams, Prototypes, Documentation FAQs

  • Hands on experience building 50 commercial websites, web 2.0 applications, and personal sites.

  • Web 2.0 commercial and personal sites for over 50 large and small customers.

  • Software developer

  • Movies and Websites that Demonstrate motion, complex, yet low file size. Yea!

  • business cards, letterheads, brochures, annual reports, and posters

  • All business types: letterheads, brochures, reports, posters and Business cards.

  • Illustrated drawings, comics, and sketches

  • Character Designs, Logos, Comics, vector images, Blog Themes, Illustrations

  • Jeff Knooren

  • Hey, want to see what I've done in the past? Peek at the RESUME.


  •  Awards
.:|=[ Summary ]=|:.
  • I have extensive experience in User Interface Design for software and website applications. Every job in the last 7 years has also involved desktopt publishing in some manner. Either producing printed material, or help documentation. I have negotiated contracts with vendors.

.:|=[ Work Experience ]=|:.
  • 3/2007–Present | Super Unit 5000

  • Super Unit 5000 cat furniture is the Lego version of cat furniture. It's a series of tubes that are fitted together. This modular design makes your imagination, the only real limitation to what can be made from it.

  • Job duties as the Owner

  1. Create a visually appealing eCommerce site to sell custom made furniture. The MIVA storefront has been customized to match the theme of the website. Advanced features such as custom fields were also created.

  2. Beyond just thinking of an idea, coming up with the concept means overcoming limitations of other products on the market.

  3. Testing - Involves how a person could damage or destroy the units.

  4. SEO/M - Establishing pay per click ad campaigns.

  5. Manufacture / Assembly - A period of 2 months were spent researching the best ways to manufacture the units. Additional production issues included, how long it takes for glue to dry; Fun!

  • 2/2007–???? | The Simulation Game

  • This was an online stock simulation and trading game in a continuously changing economy... [on hold].

  • Developer

  1. Execute all product lifecycle processes for the product line, including planning, roadmapping, product research, market research, win/loss analysis, product launches and positioning.

  2. Structure, implementation, build, and integration of front-end and back-end web technologies. [Sample]

  • 1/2007–2/2007 | MEA Digital

  • Web solution and service company.

  • Temp Project Leader

  1. Prototyping complex commercial software including creating storyboards, wireframes and mock ups that define and test the complete user experience of the product.

  2. Documentation included definintion and purpose of database fields.

  3. Work with management team, and accurately estimate tasks. Rely on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.

  • 07/2006–1/2007 | Vacation - No work accepted.

  • 03/2006–06/2006 | Kalypsys, Inc.

  • Profile small molecule drug leads and perform drug development through clinical proof-of-concept.

  • Consulting: Project Manager

  1. Prototype complex commercial software including storyboards, wireframes and mock ups that define the complete user experience of the product. Point of contact for many levels within company, and managed relationships with third-parties. Such as, marketing, design, coding, and making sure timetables could be met.

  • Product Manager

  1. Overseeing and maintaining product development. Design all aspects of the user interface for Kintera SphereŽ and Kintera FundwareŽ.

  2. Special projects as assigned; Oversee the development of all support materials. Create marketing brochures and help documentation.

  3. Map application flow, roadmaps, and develop prototypes of final application. Spec out features for software products. Outline product features/benefits.

  • Lead Interface Designer

  1. User Experience design and testing. Uncovering areas where visitors may struggle to find what they're seeking, expectations are not being met or functionality/design impacts the user experience. [for example, the Icon Matrix].

  2. Create an award winning prototyping method which improved the team workflow, and reduced communication bottlenecks.

  3. I received 2 raises for training other Product Managers on efficientcy and time management.

  • 05/2004– 06/2004 | Beyster Institute

  • The nation's largest employee-owned research and engineering company.

  • Web Production Manager

  1. Publish and distribute monthly newsletter. Scrub data for mailing lists, address updates.

  2. Instruction on MS Office products and general computer questions as onsite tech support.

  3. Scrub data for mailing lists, address updates, optimize format. Design, layout, and produce of a range of print and online materials including: brochures, data sheets, direct mail.

  • In-house Publisher

  1. Design, layout, and produce of a range of print and online materials including: brochures, data sheets, direct mail.

  • 03/2003 – 01/2004 | OceanATM

  • Automated Teller Machines for Point of Sale and Corporate transactions.

  • Web Developer

  1. Find ways to build intelligence into the system. For example, if someone hadn't paid their bill on time, messeages to that effect would appear on the Dashboard of the Account Manager.

  • Senior Graphic Designer

  1. Design the look and feel of the company and its products.

  2. Direct branded advertising, marketing/ad campaign.

  3. Handle print advertising, posters, brochures, and direct mail.

  • Information Architect

  1. Define standards and best practices for consistent user interaction across the software product suite.

  2. Architect a complex piece of software through the planning, coding, launch phases.

  3. Create UI models, and reporting features.

  • 12/2002 – 01/2003 | Stephen Perkins

  • Consultant

  1. Stephen Perkins tours the world as a percussionist for the well-known band Janes Addiction. I was hired as a consultant to plan out the system which allowed Stephen to take photos and upload them to his website automatically.

  1. Saved the company $20k a month by developing a sytem to return bad products for a vendor credit. Develop a detailed tracking strategy to measure ROI performance.

  2. Key to speed was implementing a simple bar code on each document. I then installed simple scanners around the office where employees could scan in/out the documents without having to perform manual searches by computer, or wandering around the office for lost documents.

  3. [Received good Recommendation]

  • Telemarketing Manager

  1. Monitor, evaluate, and continually improve the effectiveness of print, web, and telemarketing campaigns.

  2. Operate the automated dialer system, and redesigned the interface for call screening.

  3. [Received good Recommendation]

  1. Publishing Sun & Sea trade publication and corporate Web site. Expert knowledge of digital design, print and production processes. Creating graphic designs for new product releases, media advertisements and poster designs for trade shows.

  2. Create various buttons, logos, and typesets. Makes recommendations on format, paper type, typeface, typesetting specifications, ink selections, size, and finish.

  3. Interact positively and effectively with employees at all levels within the organization.

  4. [Received good Recommendation]

.:|=[ Leadership Qualifications ]=|:.
  1. I have been responsible for the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of products. I have had the privilage of supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization's policies and applicable laws.

.:|=[ Education ]=|:.
School Major
  Erie College   Banking, Insurance, Real Estate  
  Palomar College   Radio/Television broadcasting  
.:|=[ Accomplishments ]=|:.
  1. Received letters of recommendation from IION, Solimar Systems, and Genisys Financial.

  2. While at Kintera, I received two pay raises, and awards for my work on Nancy Pelosis site, and my role in prototyping and wireframing out software.

  3. Small Business Owner.