Gene Simmons Says ‘Rock Is Dead’

Everyone says children are the future. But I'm gonna put my money on robots. Gene Simmons announced that the rock music industry is officially dead and that pirates killed it. I think Gene is 20yrs late with this proclamation, and wrong about its death. Pirates? No, what killed rock is the attempt...
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Star Citizen vs EVE Online

As Star Citizen draws near, I've been asked to give my input on what makes these games different, and why you'd want to play either one of them.

The Economy

An advantage that EVE has over Star Citizen is that EVE has been online for over 10yrs, where Star Citizen has yet to be released. EVE is...
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Ad Blockers: To Use, Or Not To Use?

Ad Blockers

Quite simply, Ad Blockers are browser plugins that prevents a browser from displaying online advertisements.  The argument is Ad blockers hurt the online industry. Web entrepreneurs, commercial sites, like Google, Facebook, eBay, YouTube, etc... would go out of business! Sure ad blockers hurt the online industry, but that is not reason enough to stop...
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Template Monster To The Rescue

Today, I'd like to tell you about, a company that makes website templates. I'm so pleased with this service, that I've chosen them as a sponsor for my live broadcast and streaming channel on Twitch.TV. When I was a wee young web developer 20yrs ago, it was a lot of fun...
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